Inside View

Tracking Down Emissions

Photo David Ohl

Emissions regulations are constantly changing. To ensure that the legal requirements are met, I regularly inspect cars’ pollutant emissions using special tests. My customers come to me for a wide variety of reasons. I test whether the mass production of new car models complies with the regulations. I conduct quality assurance tests for previously approved vehicles that are already out on the streets. Or I test new types of vehicles.

What I like most about my work is that I have so many different things to do as a TÜV SÜD testing engineer. I’m in the lab every day and conduct inspections and tests with my team. I also work in the office, communicating with our customers.

To test a vehicle, I first have to determine what type of vehicle it is. I check the vehicle identification number, the model type and tire pressure. Next, I fill up the vehicle with the appropriate fuel and fully charge the battery. Then the vehicle is ready for testing. It goes through several phases of tests and situations. I measure the emissions of pollutants and, at the end, calculate a final value. Depending on the result and what the regulations require, I then decide ­whether further tests are necessary.

It’s very important that I always work carefully and focus on the details. After all, our customers trust that the testing results are correct. That’s why I place great importance on their accuracy. If something is off, then I’ve obvi­ously not done a very good job.”