Dear readers

Mutual trust is an essential mainstay of our coexistence. Whether in our personal lives, in politics, in the media or in business, without a basic level of trust in other people our society would cease to function. The sociologist and philosopher Niklas Luhmann once described trust as a “strategy of the broadest range”: only when we can rely on our counterpart to play fairly and abide by contracts, agreements and applicable laws are we able to expand our horizons. A person who can trust views the unknown first and foremost as an opportunity. A person who cannot trust will never be able to move beyond their very limited sphere because anything new always brings uncertainty.

In this respect, trust is the indispensible basis for progress, innovation and further development. This issue of our company magazine is consciously devoted to the key issue of trust. After all, the term is found in the title of the magazine: ABOUT TRUST. Trust is the central asset for TÜV SÜD, even more so than for most other companies. That is why we continue to make every effort to live up to the level of trust placed in us by our customers and by society. Find out more about this starting on page 28. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine!